My Most Recent Personal Crystal Grid

Recently I wrote a post about making a crystal grid. I promised to tell you about the grid I made for myself. First let me explain how a crystal grid works, and keep in mind, there are literally as many ways to make a grid as there are people to make them. You can either make a grid in “real time” or make a micro-grid. This may sound confusing at first, but it really isn’t. 

A grid in “real time” would be a grid which you place around the actual person or object in question. In the example of the crystal grid I made for myself (which is a micro-grid), rather than having a picture of me at the center, I would physically be in the center of this grid which I would build around myself (sitting, laying, whatever).

picture of a personal crystal grid

If you put a person in the center of a large grid (rather than a picture in a small grid), it would technically be a crystal healing session, and they are very potent. The grid would be “built” around the person physically, and the grid would only be in effect when the object was in the center (because that is part of the working grid). Obviously this is inconvenient if you are looking for healing and/or energy work with the crystalline energies which lasts over a longer period of time (in my case I needed the healing to cover weeks, even into months). Also if you are placing the grid around yourself (or another person) it takes more crystals (you’re working in a larger area) and it can be difficult logistically. This is why you might want to make a micro grid like I have done.

In this type of grid, there is a representation of who the grid is for (in this case, me) and the crystals are placed around this central focal point. Like I said, you can make grids for yourself, other people, or even pets, physical property, etc. When you place the crystals and program the grid with your intent, the crystals in the smaller grid are simply holding the place for the larger crystalline energy to do the work you have requested in the larger field around you, and it acts constantly. I imagine a giant invisible three dimensional grid just like the grid I have made which is with me everywhere I go. When I think about it, I “tap into” the grid and work with the crystalline energy which is working through me.

Anyway, here is a large picture of part of my grid:

picture of a personal crystal grid

Genn’s Personal Grid

I started by placing a piece of blue topaz in the center. I did this because it is one of my favorite stones and I was pulled to do so by the Crystal People. So many times I have been led to a stone and when I look up the properties after the fact, it is always right on. I check the properties less and less now, simply trusting my guidance without having to know why.

Next I placed a picture of myself when I felt healthiest, most “myself” and most sure of who I was. If you look closely, you will see a little blond headed girl around two years old. This may seem an odd statement to make. How could a child of this age be sure of who they are? Aren’t we supposed to learn who we are as we grow older? It is my belief based on my experience, that we tend to forget who we are as we grow. That’s kind of sad but true.

photo of detail of grid center

photo of detail of grid center

When I was this age, I still had memories from previous lifetimes.

One of the first memories I have when I was a little younger than I am in the picture, the neighbors and my older sister (ranging in age from 4 to probably 9 or 10) wanted to play “house”. I was initially excited and remember thinking “Perfect! This, I can do! After all, I AM an actress!” It confused me (and made me a little angry, I admit) when they placed me in the “role” of the baby (I was the youngest of the group, and closest thing to a “baby”). “Of all things!”, I thought… “I should be the mother (the lead role) not the baby!” I argued with them to no avail, and they put me in the highchair and force fed me a mush made of saltine crackers and cold water. I went along with them like a tired aunt humoring the children she is stuck babysitting.

I remember distinctly not having the language skills to be clearly understood, but thinking as lucidly as I do now. My parents seemed clueless and I couldn’t figure out why they didn’t understand me! I would explain things to them slowly (with gibberish and hand motions) until they eventually discovered what I was talking about. While I was initially frustrated, I excused them because they were “young” and just didn’t get it. I knew they would “grow up” and I would try to be patient with them until they did. However, turns out the trick was on me! Instead, started “growing up”… and subsequently, forgetting!

Let’s return to the crystal grid, the picture of this sure-of-herself Genn (who at the time was called Genie) and the blue topaz. Surrounding this I placed crystal  points. Some pointing out, to carry away unwanted energy, and some pointing in, to bring in new and recharged energy. As I placed the crystals I set my intentions and requested assistance.

Detail of directional crystals in crystal grid

Detail of directional crystals in crystal grid

Here is a section of the photograph of the grid which I drew colored arrows on to explain to you the direction of energy flow and my intention as I placed the crystals. I colored the arrows on the crystals where the energy was flowing toward the center (into me) bright green to indicate the health and healing I have requested assistance with from the Crystal People and the Universe. The arrows on the crystals  pointing away (energy flowing out of me) I colored a murky green to symbolize the discordant energies which are leaving me. Two double terminated crystals show in this detail of the grid, I colored them pink to symbolize the love which flows OUT of me and IN to me from the Universe/All That Is.

I didn’t make this grid with the intention of photographing it, (it is built on a shelf next to my bed), so it was difficult to get the whole grid in the shot. There are more crystals placed all around the grid which are not pictured.

detail photo of crystal grid

detail photo of crystal grid










Behind the grid I put a picture of Kwan Yin, Goddess of Compassion. This picture was gifted to me by Tony Burroughs, author and one of the originators of the Intender’s of The Highest Good and Intender’s Circles. Seeing the picture of Kwan Yin, I am reminded to have compassion for the Genn I am now and the path I am walking. She also represents my intentions to be healthy and happy and to remember who I am, healthy and well on all levels. I also see her as a compassionate guardian of my grid.

The two small clusters on each side of her represent my friends and loving family who I know are by my side, supporting me.

Present, but not pictured, are moonstone and labradorite, two of my favorite stones and several Channeler crystals to connect me to Source (God/Goddess/All That Is) and my Guides and Angels.

Photo of feminine crystal point

Photo of feminine crystal point

The small white stone in the center front is a feminine crystal full of rainbows. She represents strength, femininity, hope and optimism. This is the end of the physical description of my personal grid.

I continue to connect with the grid at the very least twice daily (when I get up and when I go to bed) and also at random times as I go about my day. This grid has been working very well! On physical, emotional and mental levels I am much improved. I am two weeks out from shoulder surgery, where they cleaned out the bursa, broke up the frozen shoulder and shaved off some bone. The doctor was shocked when he saw the range of motion I have already and how little pain I am having. I attribute this directly to the Crystal People, friends who gave me Reiki (both hands on as well as long distance) and healing prayers and energies. So, thanks, everyone!!

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse of my personal crystal grid.

Do you use grids? Do you have a favorite? I’d love to hear about it!

Until next time, I wish you crystal blessings!

General Update July 2013

It has been suggested to me that I might add some personal posts to the blog, (not just informational), so I thought i would take this opportunity to do just that!

A sweet friend of mine (my newly adopted “sister”) is new to the crystal world and recently she asked how I work with the crystals. She said she read the other posts on how to do these things, but wanted to have a glimpse of what I do. I thought that was an excellent question/suggestion. So here goes:

– In a normal day, I connect and talk with the crystals as I pass… (in my house you can’t go 5 steps without encountering a crystal friend). I am lucky, indeed!!

Sigils on a crystal point

Sigils on a crystal point

Here is a picture of one of the Crystal People sitting on my desk. It has Sigils which remind me of a city scape. I love this crystal.

– I speak to my crystal guide, Venus, periodically as questions arise or when I need clarity on something crystal related. Or sometimes I just pop in on her to say “thank you” and that I love her.

– Sometimes friends let me know they need prayers or energy. When this happens I get quiet and connect with the Crystalline Grid (the Crystal People as a whole). I do this by settling into myself and reaching out to the Crystal People. I can feel them… it is comparable to seeing a light beyond a dark room, I pull myself toward that feeling (light).

Next, I picture in my mind my friend who has expressed need. Astrally, I go to that person, and I envelope them with this crystalline energy. I hold out my hands (if I am alone, I will sometimes do this physically, if not, then in my minds eye). I feel myself near the person and I allow the crystal energy to flow through me into the person and I surround them, filling their aura. I feel the crystalline energy (which I would compare to sparkles and love) flowing into and around the person. Often I add Reiki energy. As I withdraw myself, I ask the crystalline energy to stay in their aura and to hold the person in their highest light. I leave the Crystal People with my thanks and gratitude.

– Lately I have needed extra assistance from the Crystal People. I’ve been dealing with a problem with my shoulder since February… Horrible pain and steadily decreasing range of motion. Along with acupuncture, herbs, physical therapy and traditional medical therapies, I have been asking the Crystal People for help with my shoulder. My energy has been very low, I feel terrible and I am not sleeping well at night. For me lately, everything physically, emotionally and mentally has been all wicky wacky. The constant pain has been affecting my mood and I was in a downward spiral.

I knew I needed to stop this spiral. Enter the Crystal People. I created a crystal grid for myself.

This blog post was becoming MUCH too long, so I cut out the details about my grid. I will be posting that as a separate blog post. Suffice it to say, my crystal grid has been working well.

How do I know this? I had the same issues with my left shoulder about five years ago. I wasn’t as connected to myself at the time and didn’t work with the Crystal People for my own needs as I have been doing this go ’round. My left shoulder was much worse by this time than my right is now. While I have lost some range of motion, it isn’t as severe as it was when I didn’t ask for the Crystals’ assistance. I’m glad I set up my crystal grid. I look forward to sharing the details with you! (That is what they call a “cliff-hanger”, right!?)

So, this leads me to now. I have a frozen shoulder. Also the space where my nerves and blood vessels pass is about a quarter of what it should be. The bursa is inflamed. Because of the neuropathies caused by the chemotherapy and radiation, the pain I feel is disproportionate to the stimuli. In layman’s terms: it hurts worse than it should.

Anyway, I am scheduled for surgery in a few days and I look forward to healing up gently, easily and quickly! In preparation, I am writing a few blog posts and getting new crystals posted for your viewing pleasure. You can find them here: clear crystals, crystal clusters and golden healers.

Picture of Gas Phantom quartz crystal

Gas Phantom quartz crystal

I have some Gas Phantoms that I didn’t get posted. (If you are looking for a Gas Phantom, I will be posting them as soon as I am able! They are great for Lightworkers, I love them!) In the meantime, I welcome your prayers and good intentions!

Until next time, I wish you crystal blessings!

Determining Types of Quartz Crystal Configurations

Soulmate quartz crystal

Soulmate quartz crystal

Within the general topic of quartz crystal you will notice that there are different names for the various shapes that the crystal takes. If you are like me you may have come across conflicting information. Not grossly conflicting, but perhaps different names for the same shapes or different shapes for familiar names. This can be very confusing, especially if you’re new to working with crystals. Keep in mind, all crystal is inherently healing, high vibrational and positive in aspect.

I want to go out on a limb here and say that you can probably expect to find differing opinions on names and naming configurations. I say this because I have, the more I experience. The main thing I want you to come away with from this post is that it really doesn’t matter. If your definition of a couch is 2 sections and someone else says a couch must always have three sections, not two, it doesn’t necessarily make them right and you wrong. It would be too confusing to describe the details here, but just in the past week I have encountered this both in a person to person discussion and also upon reading a website. Both times the person was adamant that their description was correct and other descriptions incorrect. There are many, but two good examples of crystals with a bit of controversy regarding  descriptions/definitions are Soulmate crystals and Gas Phantom crystals. We’ll discuss these separately at another time.

Picture of Gas Phantom quartz crystal

Gas Phantom quartz crystal

Because I have coming up on 20 years of experience working intimately with crystals, I have encountered many different variations and possibilities that sources may present (though not all, to be sure!). Because of this background, it wasn’t confusing or upsetting to me. However, I imagine if I were new to crystals it would be daunting and exasperating at best. Just keep in mind as you journey along, this will happen.

It is also worth saying that what I relay to you from my experience doesn’t make what I say absolute and what you may have learned in a different way wrong. I don’t expect, believe or even desire that everyone must see things my way. What one person calls Barnacles, another may call babies. It’s all semantics anyway.

My crystal guide Venus has explained it to me in this way: All crystal comes from and is connected to what she calls the One… My understanding is that the One is a crystalline energy that is the Source of all crystals. So it would be comparable to God or Spirit (All That Is) but different. Since they are connected, all crystals share the same innate abilities. This is the reason that you may have a crystal shape that is traditionally good for astral travel that you use successfully for healing or vice versa. Remember the example from a few blog posts ago? It was about the car mechanic that taught you math… that you may successfully learn math from someone other than a math teacher. Because they are all connected to the crystalline consciousness (the One), all the varied and different configurations share the potential ability of the next. The crystal itself (the crystal that you can touch and hold) is just the VEHICLE for the crystalline energy or sentience… just as our human bodies are the vehicle for our souls. They are at the same time both separate and inseparable.

It is good to know the names of configurations and how to determine which is which. Knowing this will help because we will have common terminology for comparison and will also help to narrow down which crystal may provide the most help with a particular issue. Imagine it this way: it is true you can use a pencil, a ball point pen, a crayon or a paintbrush to write or express something. However, you would select a ball point for a signature and a paintbrush to fill in a wide area and so on. If you had to, you could use the paintbrush for a signature and the pen for filling in the area, but the most effective way would be to choose the appropriate shape for the task at hand. So it is helpful to know which shape of crystal has the greatest potential to help in order to fine tune your experience working with the Crystal People.

Next time we’ll discuss how to determine where to start when learning the different configurations. In other words, we’ll explore the anatomy of a crystal. After that, we’ll discuss the different shapes by starting at A and working our way through the alphabet, one or two crystals at a time. See you next time!

Programming Your Crystal

programming a quartz crystal

programming a quartz crystal

Recording what you want assistance with is the basic premise behind programming a crystal. You simply determine what kind of assistance you would like from your crystal friend, and then respectfully ask the crystal to agree to help you. 

With focused intent and a clear request, it really couldn’t be any easier. Programming your crystal isn’t a requirement. The crystal will still function in all kinds of ways (such as raising vibrations, clearing a room of negative energy and amplification of positive energy, among other things).

However, if you are going to request the help of a crystal for something specific (during meditation for magical work, astral travel or to contact Angels or Spirit Guides, for example), you will get better results if you program your crystal with that specific intent. It is similar to making sure two people who want to work together get on the same page about their goal or end result.  Programming your crystal allows you and your crystal to work together toward a clearly focused goal. 

You may worry that in the beginning you might program a crystal the “wrong” way. Again, with programming as with cleansing and clearing, Intent is more important than content. You really can’t do anything wrong with a crystal if your intent is good. You can’t mess it up or cause irreparable damage with your programming. You might wonder, “What if someone wanted to program a crystal for evil purposes? What happens then?” Because crystal ISN’T simply an inanimate tool like a hammer or screwdriver, those with negative intent (incarnate or discarnate) can’t use a crystal in simply any way they choose.

So let’s get back to programming your crystal. Your program should focus on a single desire. Have you heard of the computer acronym GIGO? It stands for garbage in, garbage out. If we are scattered in our desire, the crystal will help us as much as it can, but unless we are focused, it can’t HELP us to be focused. Each crystal that we are programming is helping to pull us into this NOW moment regarding that particular program or desire. If you have several things you need help with, enlist the help of more than one crystal. If you only have one crystal, (gasp!) work on one issue at a time.

Okay, so now you have decided which crystal you want to assist you with your desire (program). Now cleanse and clear that crystal. Cleanse it in case it has picked up residual energy in the environment since the last cleansing, and then clear it of any prior programming. Even if you haven’t programmed this crystal, someone might have in the past, and so it is always good to erase the blackboard and ensure that you are starting with a clean slate. If it is a crystal you have had for a while, you might have programmed it and forgotten.

The next thing you should do is familiarize yourself with your crystal. Sit with it and check in with how you feel before you pick it up. Then notice how you feel differently with the crystal in your hand, etc. You may have already done that with this crystal. That’s okay. It is important to do all of this again. It just means it may take less time than it did in the beginning; but it is still an important step. You need to reconnect, and the best way to do that is with the check-in.

Proper sitting posture is important. Sit with your spine straight with your feet flat on the floor. Don’t forget to clear your mind. You want to focus on this one thing that you need assistance with, so you don’t want to boggle your crystal up with mind chatter. Connect your head to the heavens and your feet to the earth. Ground yourself while remaining uplifted.

Programming is usually best done with your crystal in your dominant hand. You are going to send your desire from your mind, feel it in your body, imagine it as complete. This is the usual “Law of Attraction” philosophy. Visualize and feel yourself not in the wanting and waiting stage, but in the completed stage. Your crystal can connect you to all times, remember – past present and future. Be in the NOW with your desire that you are programming into your crystal, complete and successful. Your crystal should be in your dominant hand because your non-dominant hand is receptive. You are sending this program. You may use the crystal in your receptive hand after it is programmed. This will vary on program and desire.

Here is a recap:

  • When you select your crystal for a specific task, ask the crystal’s permission to program it;
  • Determine your intention and hold it in your mind in clarity;
  • Check in, first without the crystal and then with it in your hand;
  • Listen carefully for any guidance you receive;
  • Feel yourself in the moment of successful completion of your desire.
  • Pour this feeling into the crystal. Whatever it is you are programming: See it. Feel it. Taste it. Send all of this into your crystal so it can remind you of this successful feeling when you need a boost or assistance with this task.
  • The final step: When you are finished with your positive visualization and focused intent, indicate to the crystal that you are finished. Let it know that you are ready for it to take over in holding your intention. Thank it for its assistance in helping you complete this task, whatever the task may be.

Remember that because it is present in all times (past, present and future) your crystal is already there with your successful self. The crystal can “see” that you have already completed whatever task you programmed it to help you achieve. Be grateful and thankful. Ask your crystal to hold that vision for you until you have achieved it or until you have changed your direction. Ask that it remind you when you need a boost. Ground out the energy and put your crystal somewhere special.

Choosing and Clearing Your Crystal

natural unpolished quartz crystal

natural unpolished quartz crystal

Last time we covered cleansing and charging. We talked about discussing clearing and programming next. However, because programming is a bit more detailed, we’ll save that for a post all on its own. This time we’ll talk about choosing your crystal and clearing. Then we will be ready to learn about programming.

The first step is deciding what kind of assistance you would like from your crystal friend. The next step is choosing which crystal wants to partner with you toward that end. So how do you choose?

I would start with intuition and see where you are guided. You may have a lot of crystals from which to choose or may have only one. If you have only one, then your choice is easy. If you have several crystals, lay them out and ask, “I need help with _______. Who would like to help me?” Then stop and listen! Don’t just grab one. Feel them with your energy (or listen, or see, depending on how you connect). Determine to which one you are being pulled.

If you aren’t getting a clear answer (or aren’t able to decipher the crystals’ answers for certain), then look at the different characteristics. This is comparable to selecting a human teacher in a particular subject. For example, if you want to learn math, find a math teacher. In an example from the crystal realm, for assistance with astral travel, seek out a Faden crystal. To connect with your partner, seek a Soul Mate crystal. To boost optimism and hope, seek a Rainbow crystal. They can help you in other ways as well, but these areas are their specialty. So if you don’t feel as though you are receiving a clear response, then seek out a “specialist” known to be skilled in the area in which you need help.

So now you have chosen your crystal. What’s next?

clearing your quartz crystal point

clearing your quartz crystal point


Clearing is erasing prior programming. I would compare clearing to deleting files from your computer. Your computer still functions just as it did. As you know, deleting a file isn’t the same as deleting the operating system. You are just erasing the files you or someone else saved to the disc. When you’re done with this particular file (which in crystal-speak is a program), then you erase and start new.

Focused intent is the main ingredient and is even more important when clearing than when cleansing. Remember, when you cleanse a crystal, it is comparable to general energy washing. However, when you clear a crystal, it is comparable to focused, intense erasing. You let the crystal know that your intent is to program it with something new and ask it to please clear itself of any prior programming.

This is an important point which bears repeating. I have compared the cleansing and clearing to files on a computer, but only as a basis for understanding. Always keep in mind the sentience of your crystal friend and that this is a shared endeavor not an employer/employee relationship in which you tell the crystal what to do and it does it. We discussed that often crystals are compared to inanimate tools. They are tools, but comparably, our human friends and teachers are tools as well. It isn’t a requirement that the Crystal People help us. They choose to help us. That needs to remain in the forefront of our minds.

Clearing is as easy or intricate as you choose it to be. I prefer straightforward and easy. As a reminder, here are just a few methods from which you may choose:

  • running water (remember to be sure and match the temperature of the water to the temperature of your crystal)
  • passing your crystal friend through incense or sage smoke
  • energy such as Reiki

To clear, you start the same way as when you cleanse and add focus and specific intent. Because clearing requires more focus, I would choose a method that doesn’t involve overnight basking. You can even skip the water or smoke methods and clear a crystal energetically which is what I do. Simply connect with the crystal and with your intent and energy, ask that it clear itself of prior programs. It doesn’t have to take a long time. It is as quick as a thought if you are fully present and focused

I know these are the same methods we discussed when cleansing a crystal. Whichever method you choose, request that your crystal release its prior programming in preparation for a new program.


CLEANSING is used when your crystal is in need of an energy washing but you want to keep the programming. A crystal which is worked with frequently will need cleansing to disburse discordant energies.

CLEARING is used when you want to prepare your crystal for a new program. Use your preferred method for cleansing and add intent focused toward erasing.

While you are working with a particular program, a crystal may need to be CLEANSED countless times. A crystal will need to be CLEARED only once prior to each new program.

We’ll talk about programming in the next blog post. In preparation for that, follow these steps;

  • Select the crystal with which you would like to work (or let the crystal choose you).
  • Cleanse it of prior energetic signatures (this is general).
  • Clear it to prepare for programming (this is specific).
  • Charge it in the moonlight (this gives a tired crystal a refreshing boost of energy).
  • Spend time becoming acquainted with your new friend.

See you next time and we’ll discuss programming!

Cleansing and Charging Your Crystal

What are cleansing and charging and why are they necessary? How do they differ from clearing and programming?

We talked about how crystals are inherently healers and teachers. They may be here to teach something specific or simply teach by healing. They may have a definite lesson or the energy may simply be beneficial. You will be drawn to the crystal you need.

Cleansing a crystal is basically energetic washing. Charging is what you might think (charging a battery for example). Clearing on the other hand is erasing prior programming. Programs are specific goals we are working toward with our crystals’ assistance. So you could simplify this by saying that cleansing and charging have to do with stored energy generally and clearing and programming have to do with stored energy specifically.

Don’t get tripped up by terms or worry if you can’t keep them straight. They are incredibly similar terms and they serve incredibly similar functions. I’ll split them up and we’ll discuss CLEANSING and CHARGING in this post and CLEARING and PROGRAMMING in the next.

energetically cleansing your quartz crystalCLEANSING YOUR CRYSTAL

Let’s begin by discussing cleansing. You will need to cleanse your crystal friend of previous energy or experiences it may have encountered. This applies to crystals you have been working with as well as crystals new to your home. Crystals are empathic by nature, and pick up energies in their environment even if you aren’t actively working with them. If the vibrations in the environment are low, the vibrations of the crystal will get all wicky-wacky. Sometimes the crystal will feel “full” or “sticky” energetically. You will need to cleanse your crystal friend of any possible negativity absorbed on your behalf.

When would you need to cleanse a crystal?

  • When it first arrives in your home
  • After using it for healing or intense energy work
  • After a particularly negative experience

It is also wise to cleanse your crystal at least monthly. Even if you aren’t actively working with it, you can be assured it is working with you.

There are as many ways to cleanse a crystal as there are people to cleanse them. Here are just a few suggestions you might want to try:

1.) Hold your crystal under running water. Visualize it cleansing, being open, receptive and energetically “clean”. CAUTION: if you choose this method, be CERTAIN that you match the temperature of the crystal to the temperature of the water. For example, if your crystal is cold, use cold water. If it is warm, use warm water. The best way to do this is to hold your crystal in one hand and run the water over the other and adjust the heat until the temperatures are roughly equal. This isn’t rocket science, I don’t mean to the exact degree, but if you “shock” your crystal by placing it in a temperature very different from itself, you can shatter the inside or even break it (for instance dropping a cold crystal into a very hot bath or a hot crystal into a cold bath). I am told that they don’t like it physically and they also don’t like it energetically. It is jarring and it also indicates to them that you aren’t being mindful while you are cleansing. Testing the temperature causes you to be fully present in the NOW. Once you have the temperature adjusted, hold your crystal under the running water and while visualizing the cleansing, thank it for the work it has been doing on your behalf. If you have access to a clear running stream this works nicely as well. (Secure your crystal in a sock or nylon hose so it doesn’t swim downstream!!)

2.) You may use salt to cleanse your crystal. I’ve been told by the Crystal People that salt water is too harsh. It has to do with the ions of sodium chloride in solution. So if salt is your cleansing method of preference, “soak” your crystal in DRY sea salt. Nestle your dry crystal in a bed of dry sea salt (or other salt). Stir the salt around with your finger periodically as you bury the crystal and visualize it being restfully cleansed. You may add sage or another herb such as lavender or sweet grass if you like. Again, thank your crystal for the work it has done. After a nap in the sea salt, you may want to brush any remaining salt away and bathe it in clear running water and carefully dry it with a natural cloth. However a water bath after the salt nap isn’t necessary, it’s simply a matter of preference. I feel that one or the other is sufficient.

3.) You may use incense, sage or smoke to cleanse your crystal. Simply hold or pass your crystal over (or through) the smoke and visualize it being cleansed and refreshed.

If your crystal is large or if you have too many to possibly cleanse them each individually, it is fine to leave them where they sit and use sage, smoke or energy (such as Reiki) to cleanse your crystal as a group. The only ESSENTIAL ingredients for cleansing are that you are fully present with them in the NOW at the time of cleansing and express your gratitude for their hard work.

If your crystal is new to your home, you might want to meditate with your new friend or carry it around with you so it will pick up your vibrations and become acclimated to you (and you to it).

charging quartz crystal in full moonCHARGING YOUR CRYSTAL

Now let’s briefly talk about charging. Charging is similar to charging the crystals’ “battery”. Crystals like to be charged in the moonlight. Compare it to giving it a vacation from work to rest and rejuvenate. You may want to charge it in the energies of the full moon or the new moon. Choosing which phase of the moon will become more important with crystals which you are programming. However for the purpose of charging in general, full moon energy is preferred. At this time the lunar energies are at their fullest.

Again, if you are like me, you may have far too many crystals to carry them all outside. It’s not a problem. Use the two essential ingredients from the cleansing example and apply it to charging.

  • Be fully present in the NOW and request that the moonlight penetrate and reach your crystals right where they are. 
  • Be grateful and thankful to your crystals and intend that the moonlight is recharging them energetically.

Charging is pretty simple. Add crystal plus the moon and viola! Charged!

Next time we’ll talk about clearing and programming.

If you have any questions about cleansing or charging, feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to answer them. If you have other topics you’d like me to cover, let me know. I’ll write a full post on the subject another time.

Until next time, try cleansing and charging your crystals. They will thank you for it!

Crystals are Sentient Beings

picture of Arkansas quartz crystal point

Arkansas Quartz Crystal Point

Hello everyone! I suppose the best place to start this blog is just to jump in with both feet and start yakking! (Uh, should that be ‘jump in with both lips?’). Over the months, I plan to get more in-depth on the topic of crystals. We’ll talk about such things as where they come from, how (and when) to cleanse and clear, setting up grids, and even learn how to communicate with your crystals.

However, in order to cover all of that information we have to be on the same page about one crucial point. The point I’m referring to is that crystals are sentient beings. It isn’t something that is normally written about in most crystal reference books. We tend to hear about how to “use” crystal in our healing and other magical workings, but the role of the crystal tends to be secondary to the practitioner; that it is simply a device to be used, much like our candles, altar tools, or smudge sticks. What I am proposing for your consideration is that employing crystals’ assistance should be regarded as a co-creative endeavor between the crystal and the person. More like a relationship between colleagues. Let me tell you how I came to this realization and why I feel it is important to share with you here.

Initially, on my website, I described the crystals from a purely physical perspective. Physical dimensions, weight and surface features. The number of sides faces and angles. But after physically measuring the characteristics of hundreds and hundreds of points and clusters, I noticed that I was getting sensory impressions, as well.

It happened slowly. As I was describing the physical weight, I might notice an energetic weight, (lightness or density). Sometimes I felt an overwhelming sense of joy or a silly laughter bubbling up within me. I would get stories and see pictures. That is when I realized that the crystals were trying to speak to me. I began slowing down and listening to their messages. I started making a concerted effort to feel their energy in order to decipher their unique form of communication.

It is possible to sense animals, birds or even elements such as air earth or water in your crystal. There is SO much knowledge our crystal friends have to tell us. They have lived for so long! IMAGINE! They have stories to tell and lessons to teach. But not every crystal is here just to teach. They may simply be similar to your buddy, here to provide company and share your story and theirs. I think we tend to get into the mindset that because crystals are healers and teachers, and due to their wisdom and age, they are each here for a specific purpose only and not for anything else. While they may be here for all those things I listed, they may also have been drawn to you simply to be.

And now, why I think it is important you realize they are sentient beings. Most books describe the nuts and bolts of their “anatomy” if you will, with no discussion of asking permission, shaking hands and becoming acquainted. I liken it to walking up to a person and flipping up their skirt to see what’s under there. Imagine doing this with a professor, doctor, shaman or someone’s great-great-grandmother! It’s unthinkable, right? It’s the same with our crystal friends.

A proper introduction is the best first step in the process of getting to know the Crystal People. If you haven’t made the proper introduction, it’s just not cool to snatch one up and start examining surface features, facets, terminations and body type, and then toss it back down on the table if it doesn’t have the features you’re looking for. It is a common mistake and I’m sure our crystal friends ultimately forgive our ignorance. However, now that we have the knowledge that there is a protocol to introductions and becoming acquainted, then I think it’s polite to follow it.

As we discussed earlier, it goes back to the fact that these great beings aren’t simply tools to be picked up and utilized without a proper connection. You might select a hammer and judging by its weight and size decide whether or not it seems right for the job at hand. This is not recommended with a potential new healer, teacher or friend. Ignorance is the typical reason most of us have been guilty of unashamedly looking up the skirts of our crystal friends. We didn’t know. I didn’t know. We didn’t do it out of arrogance or maliciousness. That is why I am sure they excuse our crude manners.

So what should we do?

  • Establish a heart connection with the crystal in question. It doesn’t have to take longer than an instant
  • Ask permission of the crystal
  • State your intention (this can all be done silently and as quickly as you can compose the thought)
  • Erase any preconceptions you may have, and then
  • Connect

Listen to the wisdom of our elders; these life forms millennia older than ourselves. Be grateful and thankful to these ancient beings who have allowed us to cut them from our great Mother so that they can be of service to all sentient beings and the planet. Enter into a co-creative relationship with your crystal. Make the Connection!