Bridge or Inner Child Quartz Crystal – Revisit

We’re going to revisit all the quartz crystal types, condensing the information to just a few items to make remembering easier.

This week we’re going to revisit Bridge or Inner Child quartz crystals. First, what are Bridges?

metaphysical description crystal bridgeBridges are crystals which penetrate a larger crystal. They are located partially in and partially out of another crystal. When they are larger they are called Bridges, when they are smaller, they are called Inner Child crystals. They both function the same way, and the naming is just semantics, really.

There is a long blog post on this, posted previously, here. I will try to extrapolate on that information rather than repeating it.


To figure out what characteristic energies a Bridge or Inner Child crystal might have, simply ask yourself questions about actual bridges. How do bridges help us?

photo credit burwood bulletin dot org

Usually we use a bridge when access is difficult without a bridge.

What exactly do I mean?

If a bridge is spanning a creek, we could usually still cross the creek without using the bridge. However, without the bridge to help us along, it would be much harder to cross.

Let’s walk through it. In this case, let’s imagine a creek at the bottom of a 10 foot embankment, the creek is 20 feet wide and the other side is 10 feet as well.

First we would have to find a place where we can get down the side of the embankment. Next we must find an area on the creek that the water is low enough for us to cross, and finally we have to find a way back up the other side.

During all of this, we are possibly sliding in mud, certainly getting our feet wet and watching for snakes and other dangers. It is certainly taking a lot longer to get to the other side than it would if we had a bridge.

Now imagine the same crossing with a bridge:

photo credit burwood bulletin dot org


With the bridge there, we can simply walk across. The bridge connects us easily from one side to the other.

In the prior example, the crossing was fairly simple. Ten feet down, twenty feet across, and another ten back up the other side. What if the span was much larger, such as the Grand Canyon? A distance like this would seem almost insurmountable!

A person might not even attempt to connect one side to the other at the prospect of crossing without a bridge. By the time you crossed you might have forgotten what you were trying to connect and you would completely lose your perspective of being on the other side.

Bridges don’t just help make things easier and quicker to connect, they also give the added benefit that we have a different perspective as we cross, as well. Let’s explore that.


We are above the creek, so we’re slightly removed from the in-your-face aspect of the actual crossing. We can cross, but remain unattached to the nitty-gritty and it keeps us from getting embroiled in the muck and crossing. We still enjoy the sound of the creek and the feel of the cool air rising.

From the center of the bridge, we are free to stop, suspended in air (or time). We are at a perspective where we can see both upstream and downstream and both ends of the bridge. It gives us a wider perspective of the situation.

Because we can also still see and access both ends of the bridge, we can easily go back and forth between this side and that.


This is how Bridge crystals work almost identically to actual bridges: First we choose what it is we want to connect (where we need connection).

For example, are we looking to bridge between ourselves and another person, between ourselves and our Higher Self or between ourselves and our inner child? Are we trying to understand another person’s viewpoint or connect with them more deeply?

The applications and possibilities are endless. Rather than bridging to another person, consider “bridging” yourself to a goal – such as losing 10 pounds or quitting smoking. Use your imagination!

Once we have decided, the energy of the crystal can help us to bridge directly to the Other (where ever we decided we want to connect). We don’t have to slog through the steps of getting there (like climbing embankments, wading creeks, etc). This is where the connection occurs.


Another benefit is that Bridges take the guesswork away. You are on one end of the bridge, your destination is on the other. You don’t have to navigate unknowns such as embankments, crossing points or extraction.

Additionally, on your way, you are allowed a wider perspective of how you each got to where you are.

For example, in the case of accessing our Higher Self… how would that look? Where is your Higher Self? It’s hard to imagine how to get there when you don’t know where there is!

With Bridges, you don’t have to navigate the embankments or crossing, you simply jump on and start walking, knowing you are connected to the other side via the Bridge. It’s almost like magic.


We’ve talked about Bridges, but what about Inner Child crystals? Remember, Inner Child crystals are simply smaller Bridges. It is still a smaller crystal embedded partially in and partially out of a larger crystal.

Whether a crystal is called a traditional Bridge or an Inner Child will primarily depend on the energy presented and the person’s preference in naming.

They work the same, they are just smaller, and the energy typically is more subtle and gentle. Bridge crystal and Inner Child crystals are basically the same.

Still, you are connecting and gaining a different perspective with the crossing.


To sum up, whether you are working with a large Bridge or a smaller Inner Child,

  1. Bridge crystals help us to connect,
  2. Bridge crystals help us to access places which might be much more difficult to access without the Bridge and
  3. they also allow us a different perspective, seeing both sides from the neutrality of the middle.

Here is a mandala of Bridge and Inner Child crystals from CRYSTAL MANDALAS: (Learn about crystal by COLORING!) Volume 1:

I hope you have enjoyed revisiting Bridge (and Inner Child) crystals and that this recap has made understanding how to work with them a little easier to grasp.

Would you like to work with a Bridge or Inner Child crystal? Check out these Bridge and Inner Child crystals at Arkansas Crystal Works.

Stay tuned next time and we will revisit Cathedral or Lightbrary quartz crystals.

Is it Necessary to Identify The Crystal Type?

This blog post is in answer to a great three part question about crystals with more than one prominent type. Specifically, 1. is there generally one type (configuration) through which a crystal prefers to connect? 2. How would it be best to identify this? and 3. Is it even necessary to identify the crystal type to connect? The question reads in full:

I have a lovely crystal which recently chose me that I am trying to identify its type so I know best how to relate and connect with it. It appears to be both an old soul and a several different types in one; it also contains cookeite. My question is two actually; when a crystal is a combination of multiple configurations/ types, is there generally one which it prefers to connect through and how would it be best to identify this? Second, is it necessary to even identify the configuration to best connect with a crystal? Thanks in advance to you and Venus for any assistance and guidance!

These are great questions. Following are the answers in (Venus’ words) when I asked her these questions:

Is there generally one type (configuration) through which a crystal prefers to connect?

The answer, in short, is, not really.

The users’ specific intent and need is the more important topic.

The types or names of the different configurations really just help us to focus our intent and tweak the light (or energy) a bit. Since each crystal has access to The One, and thereby can access all information equally, it really isn’t necessary to identify the crystal type.

When identifying the type does have benefit (to the person working with the crystal) is to help the person focus the intent.

For instance, if a person wants to access information specific to them they might choose to work with a Record Keeper crystal.

Now, every crystal (Record Keeper or not) can help a person access this knowledge through the connection to The One. However, a crystal with Record Keeper markings tweaks the energy a bit (like a filter) and also serves as a focal point for the user. It may boost the belief of the user, knowing they are working with a Record Keeper, so they may feel more confident in the knowledge they are receiving.

How would it be best to identify this (specific crystal type)?

Venus continues:

In crystals with more than one type or configuration, one might choose any one of the different types on which to focus.

Here’s an example:

You may choose to work with a crystal which is Tabular which has a Key and Barnacles, Lineated sides, Record Keepers and an Inner Child Point. Each of these types focuses a different energy. Let’s look at each separately.

image of example crystal tabby, barnacles, keyTabular crystals are good for communication (they look like a tablet).

Keys help unlock answers to questions you might have or help you to gain access to areas which were previously blocked from you.

Barnacle crystals are typically wise and have “old soul” energy.

Lineated Sides may be used to open the crystal to receive more information as you work with it.

Record Keepers can help you access knowledge specific to the user (like accessing the Akashic Records).

Inner Child points help to connect inner to outer, or help to access your inner child or inner self.

Depending on the specific need of the user, any one of these features may be focused on, or all of them, each at a different time. If there is a type that is particularly prominent in this crystal (for instance if the Key is very large or deep), a person might be drawn to work with that feature first.

However, the crystal might be worked with in all of these areas, each taken separately. One type isn’t more important than the other.

Sometimes a specific type on a crystal (the Key for example, or the Record Keeper) may seem to “call to” a person (may seem to be the more important feature). This is actually the crystal broadcasting stronger to a person in that area because that particular type is of issue to the PERSON, not the crystal. Do you see?

So in summary, the most important area to be identified is the user’s current desire or intent.

Is it even necessary to identify the crystal type to connect?

Venus concludes:

No, in truth, it isn’t necessary. As stated before, it can be helpful to the person, to help focus the intent. But to the crystal, it makes no difference.

We don’t see ourselves in separate categories as you do. Meaning we don’t see our parts as separate from one another. Either the different types (categories) in each crystal or as each individual crystal being separate from one another. We see ourselves from the wider perspective, as whole rather than as parts.

That being said, we do see why it is helpful for you to identify the different types in your current dimension with the workings of your consciousness. We do not judge this as better or worse, more or less desirable.

Simply know that we are here to work with you and help raise your consciousness in any way that works best for you. If identifying specific types or categories helps, do so! If you notice a particular type or category to be more prominent, that is usually the crystal recognizing the need in the user and amplifying that aspect.

Wow. Always great information. Thanks, Venus!!

If you have further questions or would like clarification in any area, comment below. I love to hear from you!


Rockwell's kitty and Orgonite pyramid

Rockwell’s kitty and Orgonite pyramid

Today we’re going to discuss the different ways we might work with crystal to increase the vibration of our non-human family (and how they likewise might enjoy these interactions). We’ll talk about cats, dogs, fish, birds, plants and trees…


Cats and dogs react to crystals in different ways. For example, my friend Renee has a bowl of crystals that her cat likes to touch. She said it uses its little paw and moves them gently here to there.

Many people to which I send crystals talk about their cats climbing into the box in which the crystal was shipped. This might not be such a big deal, considering cats and their propensity to sit in random boxes, but they say the cat seems more interested than usual in the crystal boxes. I’m sure they feel the shift in vibration the crystal has created in the space during their travel to their new home.

I have also heard stories from customers who have had their cats and dogs pick the crystal up in their mouths and carry them off after opening their crystal orders. I once visited a friend with a medium sized dog and when I showed him the crystal I had in my pocket, he nuzzled it in my open hand, then grabbed it and ran with it to his bed.

Ody the crystal digger

Ody the crystal digger

Crystals are also great to use for pet therapy for healing, protection and energy. I have rubbed my pets with a crystal, infusing them with both the crystalline energy and Reiki. To keep the energy flowing continuously, I have also sewn crystals onto the collar of my little Chihuahua friend, Ody (the crystal digger), pictured right.

Other than applying a crystal directly to your pet, you can also place crystals in and around pet beds; even in water bowls.

There are some (common sense) things to consider if you decide to use crystals around your beloved pets in their beds or in or near water dishes.

  • Make sure the crystal is large enough that your pet isn’t going to accidentally ingest it, especially larger pets with smaller crystals. Obviously small dogs aren’t as likely to lap up a larger crystal, but it still bears mentioning.
  • If you are using them in or near water bowls, make sure that the crystals are clean of any acid residue that may be present from the cleaning process. If you aren’t 100% sure how clean a crystal is, for safety’s sake, setting the crystal near rather than in the bowl is a better idea.
  • Ensure that the crystal you choose to work with your pet doesn’t have broken or sharp edges that might cut curious licking tongues, sniffing noses or tender paws! Remember pets explore their surroundings with noses and mouths.

Crystals and your plantsBesides working with our crystal friends in a pet’s water dish, consider these other options: What about crystal in our own drinking water, or in the water for our plants or even fish?

Crystals in flower beds

Crystals in flower beds


Both indoor and outdoor plants and trees benefit from crystal. Besides it being a beautiful addition, the increase in vibration helps plants grow and thrive.

You can put crystal into your watering container to charge the water you give your indoor plants.

We also have buried and placed crystal points and chunks around the soil of all our potted plants to help increase their growth and energy.


Clusters placed around the base of trees are helpful energetically; besides being beautiful to look at, the crystals may also draw fairies and elementals!

You may hang crystals in your trees for your own pleasure, to attract fairies and elementals and also for the tree spirit itself. I make mobiles out of wire-wrapped crystals, beads and driftwood and hang them in my trees.


Do you have pet fish?

Crystal can be a beautiful and healthy addition to a fish tank. You need to beware, however, that crystal is often cleaned with acid, making it pretty and rust free. So, if you’re putting crystal into drinking water or into a fish tank, be sure to use crystal that has been cleaned with water only (no acid). In a fish tank, I would even be wary of using soap. Please don’t drop a newly acquired crystal, or cluster, into your fish tank thinking you will be helping your fish with the healing properties of quartz (which would be a great idea) if you are using crystal which may have residual bits of acid on it (which would NOT be a great idea). The same goes for your own drinking water.

If it is a single point that doesn’t have a lot of crevasses, I would think that a crystal previously cleaned in acid would be safe to use if you cleansed it with a brush and rinsed it very well before putting it into your drinking water. However, a better alternative is to place the crystal near, but not into, the water. This is the safest bet, especially where our fish friends are concerned.

Placing a crystal in or near water, especially if you program that crystal for a specific intent, such as health, energy, etc., will help to raise the water’s vibration.

Daisy the Umbrella Cockatoo

Daisy the Umbrella Cockatoo


Misty the African Grey

Misty the African Grey

If you have birds, crystals can be placed on or near their cage to add calming, higher vibration energy to them.

My cockatoo, Daisy, who is especially high-strung, has a semi-permanent grid on top of her cage. A semi-permanent grid is one which stays in place but is easily moved or rearranged. As a reminder, here is a link to a post on crystal grids.

For Daisy’s grid, I used several different types of stones for various energies. I have some clear quartz chunks to increase vibrations, rose quartz for love, amethyst clusters for calm and polished selenite for angelic and calming energies.


Important to note in all of these crystal applications: Don’t forget to be sure to consider how your particular non-human friend interacts with their environment before introducing a new gemstone into their realm. For example, in Daisy’s crystal grid, I chose polished, rather than raw, selenite, because raw selenite is a very soft stone that chips, flakes and slivers easily. Daisy’s curious beak would be very interested in raw selenite and could be quite dangerous to her. Avoid potential tragedy by being mindful. When in doubt, err on the side of caution.


Remember what I said in previous posts about crystal broadcasting on many different channels in many different languages? It doesn’t just apply to the different ways humans communicate and understand, but also to other beings and how they interact with their world through vibration.

We have determined that crystals help us to access Spirit Guides, Angels and Elementals, as well as to connect with our animal and plant friends. I believe that crystal naturally speaks the language of each of these beings. Think of all the ways crystal might assist and interact with our non-human friends and share the love!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this blog post about how we might work with crystals with our beloved pets. Do you have stories to share about your non-human family and how they interact with your Crystal Family? I’d love to hear them. Share your stories below! I’ll leave you with a collage of a few of my furry and feathered family members, past and present:

Beloved pets

Beloved pets


crystal meditationThere are a LOT of different crystal configurations from which to choose. I’m not talking about different KINDS of crystals (such as amethyst, rose quartz, etc) I’m talking about only the different TYPES of clear quartz crystal here. Specifically, the different shapes in which it presents, each with slightly different metaphysical and healing energetic properties. Shapes, such as Barnacle, Bridge, Double Terminated, Extra-Terrestrial, Faden and Growth Interference, just to name a few. I’ve written a series of 4 books with drawings of each type, and in those, I covered forty-six different types. FORTY SIX! And those are just the most commonly found… there are actually a few more!

With that in mind, let’s talk again about how these metaphysical characteristics work. I’ve written about this before, but it bears repeating in case you missed the earlier blog posts.

I have been doing a lot of meditating on this, and asked my crystal guide, Venus, for clarity, primarily in how to describe this concept of Metaphysical Descriptions to you. Following is information received from Venus over a period of days, and quoted is where she popped in as I was compiling my thoughts.

VENUS: While the crystal configurations and shapes which have been named by many are a good way to generally categorize these configurations, it can be misleading, because people may think that if a shape or structure implies this or that (via the name or description), that magically, simply by obtaining one of these specially named crystals, the desired outcome will be achieved.

This is not how it works, however, (much like there is no “magic pill” for things such as weight loss). The work must be done on the person’s part, because within this human experience is built in the concept of free will. We (the Crystal People, or even your Guides, Angels, etc for that matter) are not going to cause these changes without your input and full cooperation. We know this would rob you of the fun of playing the game, which is the reason you incarnated!

Imagine for a moment that a CD of the Encyclopedia Britannica was sent via time travel into the past, prior to the time when there was a way to access the information – a time when there were no personal computers. Some people would deny even the remotest possibility that an entire set of encyclopedias could be on this flat shiny disc. Perhaps some of the people know about records and record players, so they are able to entertain at least the possibility that this could be true. They might read the description on the front, and having heard of the encyclopedia Britannica, and by applying what they know about records and record players, their disbelief might be suspended. However, simply suspending this disbelief doesn’t magically grant access to the information on the disc.

Believing that different crystals can magically produce any given result without proper interaction from the user would be as silly as one of the people from the past strapping the disc to his or her head expecting to access the information on the disc.

So, while it IS true that the different metaphysical descriptions can indeed produce the desired result described, the crystal must first be put into use by the “player” to access the potentiality (the “player” in this case is the person wishing for the desired result). To unlock the “magic” of the crystal requires input from the person. The crystal simply helps arrange the puzzle pieces which are already within the user, then it is up to the user to interpret the picture and rearrange it until it suits the desired outcome.

So, without the CD player, computer or boom box, the information on the CD can’t be accessed. I think that is why so many people who really aren’t “into” metaphysics think that people who ARE appear to be a little nuts. Without applying the METAphysical part of the equation, a non-metaphysical person might assume we think that simply obtaining a certain type of crystal will provide the end result. For example, a Time Link to the Future crystal magically catapulting us into the future or a Soulmate crystal presenting us with Prince or Princess Charming without any effort or interaction on our part (which we understand isn’t the case).

VENUS: The translation or application of each metaphysical configuration occurs WITHIN the person. Break it down further and the answer is in the description: META (higher, beyond) PHYSICAL (having to do with material things, things which you can touch, etc). The “magic”, if you will, in these crystals, is beyond the physical. It is the translation of the sound wave into music or the words of a poem into emotion.

soulmateSo, how then, do we actually put this into practice? What if we are looking for a specific crystal and don’t have any idea where to start?

I get this question a lot, and my broad answer is always “go with your gut”. Look at the crystals available to you, see if any of them resonate strongly with you. I always start with the picture (or the physical crystal itself if you are looking in person). If the crystal’s energy grabs me by the picture presented (or the crystal itself), then I will read the description (or look to what “type” it is). Sometimes the description will confirm the reason I am drawn to this particular crystal, other times it is a nice addition but doesn’t necessarily speak to or explain the reason I am drawn to it. Here’s the good news: The reason you are drawn to a crystal isn’t as important as the fact that you were, in fact, drawn to it! For WHATEVER reason. If you are drawn to a crystal, 99% of the time it is the Crystal People speaking to you. Listen!

Faden crystalIf this is just too unstructured for you and you really want more concrete directions, to narrow it down a little bit, sometimes you can reverse engineer your need. Meaning, if you know you are looking to work with a specific energy (let’s pick “Astral Travel” for an example), then you can narrow down the playing field by looking for a crystal which specifically helps with working with this energy. So, in the case of Astral Travel, a Faden Crystal works well.

I can hear you asking, “But how do you get to the place where you know which type is good for what application?” It’s a good question. There is a lot of information out there and it can get confusing! Books, of course, are a handy reference. Not to keep pushing my books, but in the series of Crystal Mandala drawings I made, I intentionally only included, at most, 3 or 4 different things a certain configuration might help with. Most crystal books suggest a long list of 10 to 15 things that each configuration MIGHT help with, (which they absolutely can) but to be honest, my mind shuts down at about number 3 or 4. So when I was just starting out, I often ended my search feeling confused and overwhelmed, which is where I think a lot of you might be at times.

Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals, Volume 1: CATHEDRAL

Crystal Mandalas: Anatomy and Physiology of Quartz Crystals, Volume 1: CATHEDRAL

In the Crystal Mandala books, which ARE coloring books, (but are NOT meant ONLY for coloring)! I painstakingly created a mandala for each of the 46 different types of quartz crystal metaphysical configurations. Here’s a good definition of what a Mandala actually is from the “A mandala is… An integrated structure organized around a unifying center creating unity.” and “Flowers, the rings found in tree trunks and the spiraling outward and inward of a snail’s shell all reflect the primal mandala pattern. Wherever a center is found radiating outward and inward, there is wholeness–a mandala.” In these Crystal Mandalas, I have drawn a representative example of each type of configuration and minimized your work by condensing the information specific to each type.

If, after #1 “going with your gut”, or #2 “referring to books or other written information” you are STILL not having any luck in picking out just the right crystal for your specific need, and if you feel too overwhelmed even trying, one other way you might select a crystal is to ask a person who has intuitive ability for their help – most especially someone who has the ability to speak with the Crystal People on your behalf. I do this in what I call my Ask Genn offering. I go to the Crystal People with your specific need in mind and the proper crystal will present. In the Ask Genn, I go even further by diagramming your crystal, writing down the characteristics specific to that crystal, and also give a reading, much like a tarot reading, from that crystal. I will write a blog post on this soon.

So, in a nutshell, there are actually as many ways to select your crystal as there are people doing the selecting, but three simple ways suggested here, are to:

  1. GO WITH YOUR GUT and choose the crystal to which you are drawn (whatever the reason!)
  2. REFER TO BOOKS, blog posts or other written information
  3. CONSULT WITH SOMEONE who may intuitively select a crystal or crystals on your behalf, preferably someone who is experienced in speaking with the Crystal People

Hopefully this has helped clarify any confusion or questions you may have had about how exactly we expect these different metaphysical properties to apply to how we work with our Crystal Friends. If you have questions or comments, please share them below. I am always willing to listen, happy to answer and interested in hearing about your experiences! The main thing to remember is however you choose your Crystal Friend, you can NEVER go wrong! Until next time, have fun in the selection process!