Storing Crystal – Best Practices

Hello fellow crystal lovers! In this blog post I am going to answer a question I recently received. It also addresses other questions which seem to pop up on occasion, one of which I will answer in another post.

storing crystals

Here is the question:

I have been purchasing tons of tumbles, quartz, and other minerals. Because I have a very destructive cat, I have to keep them stored in plastic craft boxes wrapped with bubble wrap or tissue. The fluorite seems to crack in shipment, or after I receive it. Do they mind being stored this way?

I have probably 500 inexpensive stones ranging from agate into the various quartz types. The fluorite seems to break no matter what I do. Sometimes they jump from my hand or I drop another crystal on them accidentally, etc. I didn’t think of them as people, but I don’t know what else to do… there are simply too many to store open and love everyday. I am brand new at this and don’t know how to proceed. Thank you for your work. – K. S.

So, this actually breaks down into a couple of questions.

Number One: Is it OK to store your crystals away (rather than displaying them) and what is the best practice if you have a LARGE stone family?

Number Two:  What about stones which are broken in our care? (Because it is a long answer, I will address this in the next post.)

image of storing crystals


Do crystals mind being stored away, wrapped in cloth or tissue, bubble wrap or plastic?

This is a great question and one I have asked my own Crystal Guide, Venus. The answer I received is that no, they don’t mind. They realize that there isn’t always room to display them all. Like the questioner, you may have mischievous pets that like to push them off shelves and/or you simply may not have enough shelf space on which to set them (this is the issue I have).

display and enjoy your crystalsWe have our crystal family members on shelves all over the house, in baskets, bowls, jars and trinket boxes.

I also have them stored “away” in several places. For instance, in the (large) wooden jewelry box pictured above, and stacked on shelves in plastic totes, boxes, bags and tins. Some of which have been there for years.

display and enjoy your crystalsAs you might imagine, crystals are infinitely patient.

Venus reminded me, with an obvious wink and characteristic tinkling laughter, that they are accustomed to living in very dark places for very long periods of time (meaning in the Earth). Being in our boxes and storage areas, even if for years in our lifetime, is but a blink in theirs.


Ideally, and in a perfect world, you hear about keeping your stones wrapped in natural fabric (cotton, silk, etc), and this is great! I do this with stones with which I am currently working that are programmed toward a specific goal. Not so much with all my crystals.

In truth, any way that you can store them is fine.

If you have luxurious fabrics or fancy wooden boxes in which to keep your crystals, super! Conversely, if you have decidedly “unfancy” boxes, (plastic, wood, cardboard, whatever!), that is equally fine. Bags, (fabric, plastic, paper)… also fine!


display and enjoy your crystalsSometimes you simply can’t manage to follow best practice recommendations such as wrapping each stone in a special cloth. Oftentimes this just isn’t feasible. Believe me! If you are like me and have hundreds (thousands!?) of stones, you can’t always do this. As long as they are as safely secured as possible, and placed where EVER they are placed with an attitude of thanks and love, that’s perfect!

It is “good enough”!

Sometimes in your journey you may find it necessary that they don’t even live with you in your home, but are packed away in a storage unit. Sometimes it is necessary they live in buckets or boxes in sheds, garages or even outside. This, too, is OK!

The point of this is NO GUILT.

The Crystal People love us unconditionally. They are here to help us to love ourselves and they certainly aren’t here to judge us about how we have to store them. 

That brings me to the only thing that IS important:


Hey, Crystals! Love You!


Unfortunately, sometimes out-of-sight can also mean out-of-mind. So, here’s the main caveat in all of this: However they are stored, wherever they are stored… always be mindful that they are there! Touch in with them periodically.

You don’t even have to do this physically. Mentally is fine. I like to do this during the full moon. I touch in by mentally going to each area where they are stored and ask that they receive the energy of the full moon to recharge and rejuvenate them. I imagine them (in the box, bag, storage area) and say “HEY! I love you!” As long as they know that they are thought of, it keeps the energy exchange between you and your Crystal Family flowing.

So, in summary:

Number one: The Crystal People don’t mind how or where they are stored and number two: be mindful of your (stored) crystal/stone family and be sure to remember to touch base with them periodically! It’s as easy as that!

Stay tuned for stones which are broken in our care.

Do you have special ways that you store your Crystal Friends or do you have thoughts or comments on what I’ve suggested here? If so, please share below!

How Do You Store, Display, and Enjoy All Your Crystals?

display and enjoy your crystalsLast week I asked you for your questions, and this was one of the really good ones. Good friend and fellow crystal lover, Melinda, said, “How do you store, display, and enjoy all of your crystals? Do you have them on tables, shelves, in divided containers (cosmetic)? I have seen that some people keep stones in a divided tool upright container (for workshop nuts and bolts and stuff), but this won’t work for me. I love having them all out to enjoy, but I really don’t have the surface space to enjoy all of them. I don’t like them in any drawers or tucked away. My dining room table is no longer a place for us, it is only for my crystal friends (not complaining, just can’t think of creative ways to display and enjoy). Any suggestions you may have will be helpful. Hoping not to have to buy a bigger home for all of my friends! :-)”

So, like I said, that’s a great question! It will vary tremendously from person to person, and depending on space requirements and personal preference. I decided that the old adage “a picture’s worth a 1000 words” fit nicely into this description, so this blog post will be more of a show and tell.

Obviously, since I have been tasked with the honor of sending crystals out to their new homes, the way I display, store and enjoy will be different than most. The crystal above is directly in front of me at about head level (I have a roll top desk which I use in my office). It is one of my personal family crystals, and is just a little smaller than my head. It is a Manifestation point, it has an amulet my dear friend Christa Reeves of UniversalGypsy made for me where I can always see and enjoy it. The little bag on top is a mojo pouch I made, full of secret goodies.

I do have a couple of shelves of my personal crystal family members which live in the office with me, but, for me, they don’t stay with me forever. If someone writes asking for something specific and one of “my” crystals steps up for the task, I must bid it a fond farewell. Not always an easy task, to be sure! Here are a couple of those shelves:

display and enjoy your crystals

As you can see, the large Manifestation point is there in the bottom right corner of the picture above. I have shelves stacked on top of the roll top, most surfaces in my house are shelves stacked to maximize storage areas. These crystals came to live in these spaces as they called to me, or were gifted to me by others and share the space with other special trinkets from trips taken or gifts received.

display and enjoy your crystals

Above is a picture of the shelf above the large Manifestation point. Going randomly around my office, there are crystals sitting, waiting to be photographed or included as an Ask Genn crystal, and the following pictures describe those. Below are some beautiful, large Arkansas crystals waiting to be photographed:

display and enjoy your crystals

The next photo is a large box of smaller points, again, waiting to be sent to new homes:

display and enjoy your crystals

Still more clusters and large points waiting patiently:

display and enjoy your crystals

Following is the storage system I have had for the page 20 years, sorted into boxes based on type of metaphysical characteristic, or other sorting criteria. This is near my order wrapping table, and the tissue paper and stuffing also lives on these shelves.

display and enjoy your crystals

The plastic tubs above are the back-up boxes, and the crystals I choose from currently are in these small drawers, separated from Artemis to Yin/Yang. The boxes with all the small numbers on them are how the crystals which are posted to the webpage are stored until they are adopted.

display and enjoy your crystals

Sitting right in front of my keyboard are special crystals, both gifted and which called to me for various reasons. The little rusty looking crystal on the left with the black ribbon tied around it was one which presented to me when I was burying my beloved Gitszy… It is a Dolphin crystal and as I was picking up crystals from around gardens and walkways to place on her grave, it told me it was to remind me of the playfulness and love between the two of us which will last beyond our physical bodies. It lives here by my keyboard, as it has these past two years. To the right of that is a Double Terminated Smoky Tibetan Tabby, good for grounding and communication, full of Rainbows for hope and optimism. To the right of that are three clear quartz points, two Double Term Tibetan Merlin or Generators, and one Arkansas Manifestation crystal. The Pink one is a rose quartz scarab from my dear friend, Carol; it has spent time with the crystal skull, Synergy. The little black tumbles, also from Carol, are Shungite, good for healing, shielding from electromagnetic radiation and grounding. These are crystals which I work with (and which work with me) daily.

display and enjoy your crystals

Moving from the office, the next room really filled with crystal is my bedroom. I’ll only share a few of the surfaces from there. Directly inside my door to the right is this antique Tibetan cabinet with crystals which were lovingly gifted to me from my friends Ken and Karen. They are all crystals which they dug themselves here in Arkansas. There is also a small selenite wand there and a piece of rose quartz from my friend Patti.

To bring us back to giving you ideas of how to display and enjoy, you will see that under the large Twin crystal in the center, there is a smaller rock. I often use crystals as props for larger points if they need a little help standing upright. The smaller points never seem to mind lending a helping “hand”. There is also a small beanbag type pillow which you can nestle a larger crystal on if the base isn’t flat.

display and enjoy your crystals

Next is a wooden cabinet which was given to me as a gift. It isn’t something I would have chosen as a crystal storing option for myself, but it has actually become very handy, and I have learned to like it quite a lot.

display and enjoy your crystals

Most of the drawers have non-crystal gemstone family members, mostly gifts from customers and friends over the years. Some of them have stones which my Granny picked up and they are still in the baggies in which she used to store them, with her handwriting still on the labels. So I guess, this is a crystal and gemstone hope chest/heirloom chest of sorts. Next is a picture of what is on the top of that wooden cabinet:

display and enjoy your crystals

It’s a lovely place for grids, the doilie was hand crocheted by my friend Darla and has a Channeling grid set-up on it right now. The other stones were gifted to me from lovely friends. Black tourmaline hand dug by my beautiful friend Pippa and topaz from my friend Tommy (who also gave me a bunch of sun stone, both of which he had the pleasure of digging himself). There is also garnet in matrix and many other goodies, both found and gifted.

So for some display possibilities, you might consider small bowls, boxes, linens, fabric baggies and pouches. Whatever works for you. My friends Karen and Ken (mentioned earlier) have crystals, both large and small, sitting everywhere! On tabletops, in corners, by themselves or nestled joyfully in bowls and baskets all over their house and it is a crystal HEAVEN! You can look and look and there is always yet another surprise around every corner. Delightful!!

display and enjoy your crystals

Finally, we come to the top of my altar. This is a cabinet about head-high. My spheres live here, most of them gifts from my soul-sister, Angel. Crystal, amethyst, rose quartz, fluorite and one glass one I picked up in Mexico years and years ago.

So, as you can see, there are many different ways to display and enjoy your crystal friends. I have been told that they don’t mind being in drawers at all (as long as you don’t forget they are there). Venus said with a slight giggle that they have lived for a VERY long time in the earth, a few years, even up to a human lifetime, is but a blink on their timeline. She reminded me to tell you that it IS important to remember they are there, and to touch in periodically, however. She reminds me that this can be done mentally if you can’t get to the crystal (say, if it is in storage deep in a box where you can’t reach it). This is why it is important to make a strong connection with your crystals, to become familiar with their look, their feel, their energy. That way you can call them up in your minds eye and connect with them from a distance at any time at all, near or far.

Do you have a favorite way to display your crystal friends? Drawers, bedside tables, pockets, bras, window sills, garden paths, tree trunks… These are all places where crystals live at my house. Feel free to comment below and share with the rest of us where your crystal friends live!